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What is Kini Community?

In a nutshell, Kini Community is a safe space for our valued subscribers to interact with us and with each other in a more meaningful way.

Why should you join?

Becoming a member allows you to enhance your existing news-reading experience with Malaysiakini.

Bookmarking stories for later reading; Connecting with other members; Tipping comments, are just some of the features that we have in store for you. Read on for more details and how you can be part of the community.

Membership is free for all paying subscribers.

Why are we doing this?

To stay independent

Malaysiakini recognises the importance of our role as an independent media. But to remain so, we have to be financially independent too. With this, we aim to foster stronger relationships with our readers, reward loyal subscribers and build communities amongst our readers.

To create a safe environment

Trust and safety form the bedrock of today’s media landscape. We aim to create an open space where members can feel safe within the community to engage in meaningful dialogue on news and views reported by Malaysiakini.

To promote good behaviour

Our community guidelines help us moderate and protect everyone’s right to engage and behave in a respectful way. The main goal is to deter bad behaviour and incentivise good ones.

Discover our features

  • Bookmark stories

Trouble finding a story you saw earlier? Now you can bookmark them right away to read at a later time. Bookmarked stories can be retrieved anytime at your convenience.

  • Follow friends

Do you have people you respect in the comment section, and wish to hear more from them? Now you can follow their profile and never miss out on good commentary again.

  • Tip comments

Receiving likes on your comments is great. Getting tipped by other readers is even better! Points that you received as a tip can also be used to tip others. Never let good comments go unnoticed.

  • Story bidding

Story bidding is a way for us to gauge what type of stories you like to read.


Join to unlock new features

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between my Malaysiakini Subscription and Kini Community Membership?

    Your Malaysiakini Subscription allows you to access our full stories and post comments. Kini Community Membership expands on the things you can do with a subscription. Think of it as an expansion pack that is free to all paying subscribers.

    Why a new product, you ask? We believe the introduction of Kini Community Membership allows us to offer more than just website enhancements. We have great plans to engage with our readers in a more interactive and meaningful way. Organising offline events, inviting avid readers to join our focus groups and getting input on stories we publish are just a few of the things that we plan to introduce.

  • Is membership free?

    Kini Community membership is free for all paying subscribers. If you are already a subscriber, please click on the JOIN NOW button and sign in to your account. If not, please SUBSCRIBE first.

  • I am already a Subscriber, am I automatically a Kini Community Member?

    If you are an existing Subscriber, you're just a few clicks away from becoming a Member.

    New subscribers automatically become Kini Community members effective from 6 March 2020 and are entitled to all the benefits that come with it.

  • Can I become a member without subscribing to Malaysiakini?

    No. Kini Community is an addon service to your Malaysiakini subscription. But you can sign up for our one-month Trial Subscription to explore the benefits of our membership features. Even if you decide not to renew your subscription, your membership remains active.

  • Why can't I bookmark stories?

    If you do not see the feature to bookmark stories after you have signed in to Malaysiakini, it is likely that you have not activated your Kini Community Membership.


  • I noticed some points in my account after joining as a Member. What are they for?

    Upon joining, you will receive bonus welcome points to get started. For now, the points can be used to tip other commenters that you like. You may also receive points as tips from other members who liked your comments. Commenters can only tip or be tipped if they are a member of Kini Community.

    We will soon roll out more ways to earn and spend points in the near future.

  • Do my points expire?

    For now, points accumulated do not have an expiry date.

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